Deptracker™ is a medical device, used in home sleep testing based on a patented MEMS technology for detection of eye movements during sleep.

Deptracker is used in sleep analysis on patients in medical treatment for depression. The strong correlation between sleep pattern and depression are well described in literature. Deptracker detects sleep stages in the home of the patient, thus sleep patterns as an objective diagnostic tool can be disseminated in the treatment of patients with psychiatric disorders and neuro-degenerative diseases.


Sleep Stages

Sleep is vital for the body’s recovery, and lack of sleep can affect both immune and cognitive functions like memory and learning.

Normally, sleep is a cyclic sequence progressing from light to deeper stages returning to light sleep. The cycle is repeated four to five times each night, whereby REM sleep plays a special role. In this phase sudden Rapid Eye Movements occur (REM sleep). All other stages are collectively termed NREM sleep (non-REM sleep). However also deeper sleep stages are caracterized by specific eye movements which may be used as a measure to accurately detect sleep stages 1-4.

Sleep Cycle